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           AIR SHIPMENTS

    One of A AND B MOVING services is the moving and relocating of fine art and antiques.  With extensive
    knowledge in moving art works and pianos, galleries and museums, our Professional Moving consultants
    can determine the best moving type and process for these irreplaceable items.

    As a standard procedure for these types of moves, and in order to determine the specific moving work
    required, a professional Visual Estimator will be assign to survey your items in your location, prior to the
    move date.  The survey service is free of charge without obligation or cost. You will then be contacted by
    your Project Manager that will advise and update you with the complete details involved with your special
    and unique move.

    Moreover, the Project Manager will coordinate with our in-house Professional Craftsman about any request
    to custom built crates for these valuables items, and with our Moving Crew the need for any special
    services, materials or tools.

    A AND B MOVING unique system guarantees that each irreplaceable item or piece receives the highest
    guard and best protection against any damage from handling and shipping, and that the moving process
    is performed in the smoothest, most efficiency and quality possible.


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