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    Interstate MOVES



           AIR SHIPMENTS

    An interstate move is also referred as a long distance move.  This type of move involves crossing state
    lines. A AND B MOVING services include the entire continental United State.  Our services are guaranteed
    for on-time pick-up and delivery.  Whether the destination is New York, Florida, Texas, California, or
    Washington, A AND B MOVING is proud to offer the highest quality service at the most competitive prices. 
    As a professional and experienced moving company, A AND B MOVING ensures the safety and care of all
    personal belongings.

    Like you, thousands of families are relocating their homes every year all around the United States.
    Whether you are planning to lease a new apartment, relocating into your new dream home, or simply
    moving a few household items, our Professional Moving Consultants have been trained to help you
    determine the best means to meet your needs, at the budget you could most afford.

    From your initial call to our office, our Expert Moving Consultants will provide you free of charge, with no
    obligation, a comprehensive, reliable and professional telephone consultation. You will be given helpful
    advice and guidance about your specific moving needs.  Your questions will be answered accordingly to
    your exact relocation requirements.  At the end of the consultation our Professional Consultants will
    determine if a visual estimator will be needed to visit and survey your home or office, for a more accurate
    and specific estimate.  All of our consultant services are free of charge without any cost or obligation to


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