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           AIR SHIPMENTS

    Accessorial Services
    A term used to describe those services not directly related to the transportation of household goods.
    Typical accessorial services are disassembly of unique furniture items, i.e. pool table, swing set, satellite
    dish, refrigerator, washer, dryer servicing, shuttle service, or special crating

    Bill of Lading
    A document issued by a transportation service provider, when the shipper relinquishes the household
    goods. The terms and conditions of the move are detailed on this document, as well as essential
    information about the shipper, the origin, destination addresses, and the charges.

    Binding/Non-Binding Estimate
    A binding estimate is an agreement made in advance with the mover that guarantees the total cost of the
    move based on the quantities and services shown on the estimate. A non-binding estimate is the carrier's
    approximation of the cost based on the estimated weight of the shipment and the accessorial services
    requested. A non-binding estimate is not binding on the carrier and the final charges will be based on the
    actual weight and tariff provisions in effect.

    Chassis Equipment
    Frame and machinery of an automobile or undercarriage, used to haul the container.

    A statement of any loss or damages to household goods.

    Container (Ocean)
    Standard size is 20', 40' and limited availability of 40' and 45' "High Cube" containers. Containers and
    chassis equipment are provided and owned by steamship companies.

    Cubic Feet
    The basic unit of measurement describing the overall size of a shipment; the cubic capacity of a crate,
    lift van, container or air freight tri-wall container. The mathematical cubic foot symbol is f3

    Customs Clearance
    Review of the documentation and physical inspection of the contents of the household goods shipment by
    a customs official

    The fee assessed for holding household goods in an ocean container, truck / trailer or other carrier owned
    equipment beyond the allowed time. Fees are charged for each day.

    A mathematical ratio between size (volume) and weight of a shipment.

    Destination Agent
    Agent located at or near your destination that provides necessary services and information at the end of
    your move

    Relocation of household goods from residence to residence.  The process starts at the customer's residence
    with a pick up and ends with delivery of his/her personal effects and positioned inside the residence. "Door-
    to-Door" service is designed to secure the smoothest move throughout a multi-modal and international
    logistics mode of transportation.

    It starts with a pick up from the customer's residence and ends at our overseas agent's warehouse at
    destination. The customer needs to arrange delivery of the freight along with Foreign Customs Formalities
    to his/her residence at their expense.

    A tax levied by a government on the value of the household goods imported or exported.

    An approximation calculation of the transportation charges, as well as costs for additional services
    requested by the customer, includes an estimation of the shipment weight.

    Estimated Time (date) of Arrival.

    Extra Pick-Up / Extra Delivery
    Household goods that are tendered by the shipper for pick-up at more than one origin and or delivery

    Federal Maritime Commission. The US Government Agency that regulates ocean steamship companies,
    port terminal companies and household goods freight forwarders

    Gross Weight
    The total weight of the ocean container, lift van or airfreight container along with the packing materials and
    the household goods. The container is weighed at qualified scales. The gross weight minus the tare (empty
    container or lift vans) weight equals the net weight of the shipment

    Household Goods
    As used in connection with transportation, means the personal effects or property used, or to be used, in
    a dwelling, when part of the equipment or supplies of the dwelling. Transporting of household goods must
    be arranged for and paid by you or another individual on your behalf. This may include items moving from
    a factory or store when you purchase them to use in your dwelling. You must request that these items be
    transported, and you (or another individual on your behalf) must pay the transportation charges to the

    An official document that lists all items, that are been shipped and their physical condition at loading and
    at delivery. The inventory is prepared for you as your goods are professionally packed, and is used as a
    customs document for clearance of your shipment.

    The maximum amount for which A AND B MOVING is normally liable in connection with loss or damage of
    cargo while in transit or storage.

    Lift Vans (Wood)
    Specially constructed wooden boxes used in international relocations. Lift van capacity can be from 180
    (CF) Cubic Feet to 210 (CF) Cubic Feet.

    Line Haul Equipment
    The charges for the vehicle transportation portion of your move. These charges, if separately stated,
    apply in addition to the accessorial service charges.

    Long Carry
    A charge for carrying articles excessive distances between the mover's vehicle and your residence.
    Charges for these services may be in addition to the line-haul charges.

    Net Weight
    The difference between the gross weight and the tare (empty) weight of a container, lift van or air freight
    container. This is the actual weight of a shipper's household goods

    Order for Service
    The document authorize the mover to transport your household goods, including the terms and conditions
    under which the goods are moved. Your signature acknowledges the household goods have been "released
    to the carrier".

    Order Number
    Used to identify each shipment, the number appears in the upper right-hand corner of the Order for
    Service. You will need this number as a reference when you contact A AND B MOVING for any question
    you may have about your shipment.

    Origin Agent
    The Agent at the origin address, who provides the services of packing, loading and preparing the necessary

    Packing Certificate
    A document signed by the shipper confirming services rendered. Services may include packing, unpacking,
    extra labor, appliance servicing, etc.

    Permanent Storage
    Household goods stored in a warehouse for an extended period (years) of time.

    Pickup and Delivery Charges
    Separate transportation charges applicable for transporting your shipment between the storage-in-transit
    warehouse and your residence.

    You pack and load yourself, while A AND B MOVING arranges transportation from your residence. This is
    common with full container (FCL) shipments. There are two options that can apply for "self-load": 1st
    option: "Live Load" - a driver waits for two free hours with the container at customer's residence while
    goods are loaded. 2nd option:" Drop-and-Pick"- a container positioned at the customer's residence for a
    longer time for goods to be load.

    Service Agent
    A service agent may provide any of the following : A firm that provides pre-move survey, packing,
    inventory, loading, residence to port transportation, ocean or air transportation, customs clearance,
    from port to residence delivery transportation, storage, unloading, unpacking of your household goods,
    packing material removal and post-move survey.

    The individual or family whose household goods is being transported and is the owner

    Shipper's Export Declaration (SED)
    U.S. Customs requires a Shipper's Export Declaration (SED) for personal effects, household goods and
    motor vehicles when shipped out of the country. A AND B MOVING coordinates completion of the SED for
    you before your boxes are packed. We recommend letting A AND B MOVING pack your boxes to avoid the
    shipping delays that frequently result from inspections of "packed by owner" boxes.

    Shuttle Service
    Use of a smaller vehicle to provide service to residences that are not accessible to the mover's normal

    The temporary warehousing of your household goods. If you request storage, check with your agent to
    see what type of transit and storage protection you have. Depending on how long your goods will be
    stored, you might need to apply for an extension of your protection policy. Charges are assessed monthly
    for storage costs, as well as warehouse handling fees, pick-up or delivery charges. SIT can occur at origin
    or destination.

    The Yellow Card
    The Yellow Card is the name given to an official International Certificate of Vaccination. Your destination
    country may require that you show The Yellow Card along with your passport as proof of vaccination
    against certain diseases. Ask your doctor or health provider for the Yellow Card.

    Transit Time
    The estimated days or weeks to transport your household goods from origin to destination

    Tri-wall Containers
    Special cardboard boxes or cartons designed to be used for air freight shipments of household goods or
    personal effects.

    Valuation Schedule
    A list that establishes, for insurance purposes, the value of the household goods that will be shipped.
    Ocean, air and storage shipments each require individual valuation schedules.

    Warehouse / Port-to-Door
    It starts when the freight is delivered to our / agent warehouse/port by the customer and ends at their
    destination residence with his/her personal effects being delivered and positioned inside.

    Warehouse / Port-to-Port
    It starts when the freight is delivered to our agent's warehouse or port by the customer and ends at our
    overseas agent's warehouse at destination. The customer is responsible for the pre-packing of personal
    effects and to arrange a delivery of their freight to our facility. It should be noted that choosing this service
    is time consuming. Amateur packing and insurance options for self-packing are limited and restricted in
    coverage. The client needs to arrange a delivery of the freight along with Foreign Customs Formalities to
    his/her residence at their own expense.


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