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           AIR SHIPMENTS

    Air Freight
    A AND B Shipping is an NVOCC, full service certified international Air Freight Company with a proven track
    record of reliable, time-sensitive global air transportation. We are fully insured, bonded and licensed by the
    FMC (Federal Maritime Commission), by the ICC (Interstate Common Carrier) and by the US DOT
    (Department of Transportation).

    Air Freight options are sometimes, not only quicker, but in many cases cheaper than the ocean freight
    option. Occasionally, when your cargo is fairly small or simply does not weigh much, an air freight option
    could be an optimum solution for you. Our Shipping Specialists will be happy to consult and advice you on
    any info you may need regarding an airfreight shipments, as it could be a better option, even though you
    may not be in a rush to receive your cargo.

    Regardless of your cargo's size or weight, A AND B MOVING Shipping offers secure, complete shipment
    options and guarantees your shipment's arrival at any worldwide destination by deadline. With many agents
    all over the globe, A AND B MOVING are among the world's most recognized air carriers. A AND B MOVING
    Shipping has a reputation built on reliability and accountability, supported by high-tech tracking systems,
    allowing constant surveillance to assure the safeguarding of your goods. A AND B MOVING Shipping is
    proud to offer you finest in time-critical and cost-effective air transportation capabilities.

    Ocean Freight
    A AND B Shipping is an expert, world-wide Ocean Freight corporation, with comprehensive and customized
    customer services. A AND B MOVING Shipping utilizes relationships with the world’s largest steamship lines
    to provide you with the finest and most reliable resources in maritime shipping.

    A AND B Shipping has many years of quality experience with overseas shipments. We guarantee that
    your cargo will arrive at any global destination on time and in perfect condition. Our advanced tracking
    technologies allow us to constantly monitor your shipment in route, ensuring the complete safety of your
    shipments. Relieving you from the logistics of international transport, A AND B MOVING Shipping manages
    all documentation, clearance, and customs. A AND B MOVING will transport virtually any sized cargo to
    anywhere in the world.

    Moving With Pets
    Any pet owner who has tackled the daunting task of relocating such sensitive cargo is fully aware of the
    intricate details and unforeseen events that such a project can involve. For the inexperienced, sorting
    through the maze of shots, health certificates and strict quarantine regulations that vary from one country
    to another add undue stress to the already complex task of overseas relocation.

    We at A AND B Shipping know how important it is that your pet travel only when complete care has been
    taken, as well as what is required by the stringent Federal Regulations of how your pet must travel in
    order to ensure a legal and safe trip. To guarantee the comfort and safety of your pet throughout its
    international voyage, A AND B MOVING has teamed up with a premium pet shipping affiliate. Together,
    we will make the international relocation of you and your pets a smooth and easy experience.

    A AND B MOVING will pick your pet up exactly where and when you guide us, and transport your pet to
    and from the airport with the maximum safety and comfort of your pet. The specially made transportation
    vehicles are clean, quiet, heated and air-conditioned, ensuring healthy and smooth delivery, wherever the
    final destination may be. And don't worry if you arrive at your destination before you feel you can handle
    having your pet underfoot. We can take care of that too. Our carefully selected, approved and affiliated
    kennels will house and care for your pet, allowing you the freedom to settle in and schedule delivery once
    you are ready.

    Corporate Relocation
    A AND B Shipping provides secure and quality services of the relocation of the personal belongings of
    corporate employees and their families. Our support begins before departure and continues after arrival
    at the host country destination. When you choose A AND B MOVING, you can be confident that your
    employees and their possessions will receive the highest care and attention. We are well aware that a
    smooth relocation to a foreign assignment is of utmost importance to the success of not only your business,
    but ours as well.

    Vehicle and Motorcycle Shipping
    A AND B Shipping can move a vehicle from any port to any other port usually with a full choice of car
    shipping methods including containerized (FCL & LCL) and roll on-roll off. You can choose from a full range
    of optional extras, as required, including full insurance coverage.

    Option A: Ocean Containers
    Container shipping encompasses a number of different options. A AND B MOVING offers 20ft. or 40ft. FCL
    "sole use" container services with only your vehicle(s) in the container, to most major ports worldwide. This
    involves your car being secured within a container with straps and wheel chocks to hold it in place. You
    effectively pay for the sole use of the container, for your vehicle only.

    Option B: Ocean Going Roll on Roll
    Selected destinations are also served by ocean going Roll on - Roll off car ferry services. Such vessels are
    purpose built car carriers, used by manufacturers to deliver brand new vehicles around the world. Cars are
    protected from the elements and are secured within enclosed car decks, by straps and chocks, to tie points.
    Normally such services are not as frequent as container vessels, but there can be useful cost savings on
    some routes over container shipment when available.

    Shipping a Motorcycle
    It is highly recommended to transport your motorcycle in a wooden crate and loaded in a consolidation
    container to final destinations.

    Quality and Comprehensive Service
    No matter the origin or destination, you can be rest assured that our competent professionals will apply
    their experience and specialized attention to every facet of this delicate enterprise, making it as seamless
    as possible for each member of your organization. Using specialized packing techniques and materials, A
    AND B MOVING spares no effort in ensuring the safe arrival of the prized possessions of your employees
    to their new homes. We understand your logistic requests, budget and time constraints that demands
    impeccable attention to details, service and care and we promise to deliver them.

    Local, Interstate and cross continent transport
    Comprehensive door to door origin services including customs clearance, delivery and set up.
    Overseas ocean freight and air transport services.
    Complete handling services of all export and import related documentation.
    Navigating and simplifying both export or import rules and regulations.
    Complete door to door destination services including customs clearance, delivery and set up.
    Storage, warehousing and distribution services.
    Clear and quick invoicing and accounting related procedures.
    Insurance coverage at competitive rates.

    Track your Move
    A AND B Shipping provides state of the art, online tracking system, so you and your employees can check
    on the status of the shipment any time anywhere. In addition to our daily update reports, you and your
    employees can easily access important information such as dates of pickup, freight departure, port arrival,
    clearance at customs and final delivery.


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