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           AIR SHIPMENTS

    A AND B Shipping is an NVOCC, full service certified freight forwarder and International Moving and
    Shipping Company.  A AND B MOVING is fully insured, bonded and licensed by the FMC, ICC and DOT.

    A AND B MOVING Shipping specializes in worldwide relocation of Household Goods and Personal Effects
    to and from the U.S. Our network of 800 shipping professionals spans over 180 countries and territories
    worldwide. Our team of professionals overseas origin agents, freight forwarders, shipping lines and
    destination agents assure the highest quality service, at the most affordable price.

    A AND B Shipping offers consolidated shipment options, exclusive-container service, and door-to-door
    shipping. Our comprehensive platform includes packing, loading, trucking, storing, ocean freight, customs
    clearance, delivery, unpacking, and removal of debris at final destination. A AND B MOVING Shipping
    provides friendly and personal service with years of proven experience. A AND B MOVING Shipping
    guarantees a successful move, and one of our Moving Specialists will gladly assist you with any questions
    or concerns you may have.

    Our Clients Include:
    • Private Individuals
    • National and International Corporations
    • Government Organizations
    • Embassies and Consulates
    • Banks and Investment Firms
    • Individual Artists, Museums and Related Organizations

    In todayís global village it is becoming more and more common for people to relocate overseas. Many
    companies have sites in more than one country and regularly transfer employees from site to site. Some
    people move for a year or two, and others move for a much longer period, some even permanently.

    The Quality of service in an international move should be the primary motivator in deciding what company
    to utilize, not price. Choosing the right international shipping company can make all the difference in the
    world. You want to choose a company who has the knowledge, expertise and resources to get you where
    you need to go.

    Moving abroad brings with it excitement as well as anticipation. To reduce the anticipation to a manageable
    level and enjoy the excitement, be sure to plan well in advance, and do your homework about the new
    country as thoroughly as possible. Your local bookstore and of course the internet, have lots of useful
    information on what to expect. Even if you have visited the country in the past, living in another country
    brings with it a whole new set of issues you will need to get your arms around.

    The Initial Consultation
    At the beginning of the moving process, one of our Moving Specialists will provide an initial telephone
    consultation for the many services that A AND B MOVING Shipping offers. Next, a Moving Estimator will
    perform a survey of everything in your home that will be moved, and will point out items that canít be moved, such as flammable cans of paint, and items that might require special attention.

    Your estimate will be based on the volume of goods to be shipped and/or the volume and weight of goods
    to be air-freighted. Accurate estimating depends on the level of detail given to the relocation consultant
    during this process.

    How We Help
    Make sure that all items are shown in detail, including contents of drawers, cupboards, attics and garages.
    Items that are not currently at your home should be described accurately. If you are planning to make new
    purchases that will need to be included in the move, be sure to update us during the survey.

    Storing Your Goods Securely
    You may decide to store some of your items in your origin country or at destination. Storage is a cost
    effective solution, mainly if you have to limit your shipment size, renting your home out, or moving into a
    hotel prior to finding a permanent home. Make sure to advise your moving specialist of any storage needs
    you may have.

    Protecting Your Possessions
    Your Moving Specialist will discuss insurance options with you to ensure that your possessions are protected
    during the journey. Though itís unlikely that anything will happen, insurance gives you the security and
    peace-of-mind you need during your move.

    Proper documentation is increasingly important due to heightened security requirements. These documents
    declare your household goods and motor vehicles to be shipped out of the country. You can trust your
    Moving Coordinator to guide you through the process of identifying and completing the appropriate
    documentations for your origin and destination countries.  Documentations are a critical part of the
    international moving process, and late receipt may delay your shipment.

    Booking Your Move
    Since we know that no two moves are exactly the same, we will create a tailored solution for your specific
    move. There are usually several options that you could choose from, and your Moving Specialist will create
    a solution to ensure that you are moved with the minimum of disruption, within your personal timeline, and
    within your relocation allowance or personal budget.

    You will also be asked to complete a formal acceptance of our local terms and conditions, and send the
    paperwork back to A AND B MOVING Shipping together with your insurance form. The acceptance form
    represents the formal booking of your move.

    Your Moving Specialist will send you a letter confirming your packing, loading and moving date. If you have
    purchased insurance, you will be sent a certificate. Remembering to keep these copies with your other
    important paperwork such the passports and your legal documents are essential.

    Packing and Loading
    You are now ready to move! When the Moving Team arrives at your home, your personal belongings will be
    placed in appropriate cartons or containers. To protect your goods from damage, items will be individually
    wrapped in paper pads as needed. Made of shock-absorbing fiber, the paper pads are used exclusively for
    international relocations.

    Once your shipment has been prepared for loading, it will be placed inside one or more containers. The
    type of containers selected will depend on the mode of transportation, the size of your shipment and your
    destination. Your shipment can be loaded into one or more of the following:
        1. Lift-vans
        2. Steamship containers
        3. Air containers

    A lift-van is a wooden or plywood container with skids that is normally loaded by a forklift. Lined with water-
    resistant paper and caulked to prevent leakage, lift-vans might range in size from 180 to 210 cubic feet.
    The containers are supplied by steamship companies, and ranges from 1,165 to 2,600 CF.  To transport
    small shipments by air, the most common containers used are tri-wall boxes. Constructed of triple-layer
    corrugated cardboard, these boxes range in size from five to 100 cubic feet. When sending a large
    shipment by air, goods normally are crated instead of boxed. The crates must comply with dimensional
    specifications to meet aircraft cargo requirements.

    What Can You Do To Prepare?
    You can help your A AND B MOVING Shipping Team by setting aside items that need to go into storage,
    need to be packed last, or those items which will remain in your home.

    Remember to pack and set aside all the personal items that will be traveling with you. Your insurance will not
    cover money or jewelry.. Also, place all important paperwork such as passports, legal documents, etc. in a
    personal handbag that you will take with you so that it does not get "caught up" in the move.

    Your Moving Team
    An international move requires an experienced, highly trained Moving Team to ensure that packing,
    wrapping and loading are done correctly. Using skill, care and attention to details, our crews have been
    highly trained using international packing materials and special methods, to protect your possessions
    during each phase of the move.

    Your Team Supervisor
    The first person you will meet will be the Team Supervisor. He or she will review the details of the move with
    you and clarify your expectations or needs for the move, along with any special instructions you may have.
    If anything has changed since the time of your original estimate, please advise the Team Supervisor so
    appropriate arrangements can be made. The Team Supervisor will walk around your home and plan the
    packing and loading process in the most efficient way.

    Protecting Your Home
    A AND B MOVING takes great care to make sure that your home is protected during the moving process.
    Our moving team will carefully protect your carpets and floors, banisters, doors and vulnerable areas to
    prevent damage.

    Protecting Your Possessions
    Each member of your Moving Team has undergone comprehensive training in efficient and quality packing
    techniques, suitable for the rigors of an international move. Your household goods will be individually
    wrapped and packed in the appropriate containers. Crates and casings are built specifically for items that
    require special protection during international transport, while more standard goods will be protected with
    sturdy wrapping. You will get the highest quality materials and service in order to provide the maximum
    protection to your prized belongings during the long journey ahead.

    Your Inventory
    Your Team Supervisor will create an inventory list during the packing and wrapping process. A copy of the
    inventory list will be forwarded to our office at your destination to arrange customs clearance and delivery.
    You will be given one copy as well, remembering to keep it with your other important paperwork such the
    passports and your legal documents that are essential.

    Customs Clearance
    The Customs clearance process and documentation can be both confusing and unfamiliar.  When you move
    with A AND B MOVING, you can relax and rest assured that your Moving Coordinator will guide you through
    the entire process.

    Unless prior arrangements have been made, payment for your shipment must be received before the goods
    are moved to the port of exit. As soon as your shipment is prepared, you will be notified of the actual
    charges. Payments can be made by money order, cash or personal check. Corporate transferees will need
    a purchase order or letter of authorization from their company. Payments to the destination agent and
    customs officials often are required to be in the currency of your new country and by cash. Any additional
    charges not included in your transportation cost must be paid to the destination agent prior to delivery.

    Transit Time
    The type of transportation used, the distance to be covered and the time required to clear customs will
    affect the transit time of your shipment. A AND B MOVING Shipping utilizes a computerized monitoring
    system to track shipments. As information is received during transit, the shipment's progress is updated via
    our web site. In addition, you can receive periodic updates about your shipment status by calling your A
    AND B MOVING Shipping Agent. When you arrive at your new location, contact your destination agent.

    Destination Agent
    Your A AND B MOVING Shipping Coordinator will forward all of your moving and official documents to our
    local agent office. This agent will then contact your Move Manager to verify the details of your move, and
    contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for delivery. Once you arrive at your destination
    country, please contact A AND B MOVING local agent as well, as instructed by your moving Coordinator.
    Failure to make timely contact could result in customs delays, and additional storage costs, demurrage or
    port rent expense will apply. Airports levy similar penalties if airfreight shipments are delayed. To avoid
    delays and additional costs, it is vital to contact your local agent office immediately upon your arrival to
    your final destination.

    Delivery and Unpacking
    As soon as your final destination is reached, your household goods will be professionally unloaded with
    the same care and attention to details with which they were loaded. Your local Team Supervisor will be
    available to assist you with the final delivery. All items will be carefully unloaded and crosschecked with
    your inventory list, and will be placed in the correct rooms. All packing materials and debris will be quickly
    removed from your new home.


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