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           AIR SHIPMENTS

    Commercial and business relocations are very similar to a residential move where goods are being
    transported from one location to another. However, commercial relocation is far more involved than a
    residential move. Timing is critical and usually the most important factor for a Commercial move. Maximizing
    manpower and minimizing down time are keys to a successful move.

    When our professional and experienced consultants determine the cost of your move, the following basics
    are taken into considerations:

    Local Move

    Labor: A AND B Moving Consultants will recommend you the optimal number of professional movers,
    based on your specific relocation needs. This process minimizes costs, and at the same time maximizes
    productivity and efficiency, without compromising on quality and effectiveness of service.

    Time Estimate: A AND B MOVING customers pay only for the time used to perform the move they
    ordered. Your charges begin when our professional movers arrive at the job site and ends once the
    movers finish unloading at your destination.

    Travel Time: For local moves, under State Law, travel time consists of the time it takes to travel to and
    from the job site. A AND B MOVING, on the other hand, charges only for the travel time back from the job
    site to our facilities. Charges are made by mileage with the minimum charge of hour for moves within a 25
    mile radius of the dispatch facility, and an additional hour for every 25 miles.

    Trucks: The hourly rates quoted include the truck required to perform the move. All A AND B MOVING
    trucks are custom built, state-of-the-art, automatic air ride vehicles with GPS navigation systems.

    Interstate Move:
    Two main factors are used to determine the cost of an Interstate Move (also known as a long distance
    1. The mileage distance between the moving pickup and delivery (origin and destination)
    2. The shipment weight or size

    A AND B MOVING' rates are based on the actual list of items that our clients are planning to move, and the
    distance they will be moved. A AND B MOVING does not charge by weight, allowing the option to always
    add or subtract any items per requirements, until the date of the move.

    There are no hourly rate charges for the labor required to wrap all furniture load and unload as in a local
    move. Our knowledgeable experienced dispatches are always assigning the optimal numbers of professional
    movers to every job in order to maximize productivity and efficiency.

    Binding Estimates:
    With a Written Binding Estimate, the price we quote is the price you pay. A Written Binding Estimate is the
    correct legal term for a “flat” or “guaranteed” price. An on-site estimate is required in order to provide a
    written binding estimate, and is based on the inventory of household goods and or office to be moved and
    the services to be provided. When our professional consultant recommends an onsite estimator, the
    estimator will perform a physical evaluation of the household goods and or office, and a written binding and
    guaranteed price will be issued.

    All Rates Includes:
    • Professional and Experienced Labor on Pickup and Delivery
    • All Tolls, Gas, Mileage, and Taxes
    • Free Special Moving Pads to Wrap and Protect Your Furniture
    • Disassembling and Assembling of all Furniture
    • Detailed Inventory List of all Household Goods
    • Carrier liability Insurance
    • Free One Month of Storage in Secure, Climate-Control Storage Facilities
    • Moving trucks (All trucks are custom build, state-of-the-art, air ride vehicles,
        with GPS Navigation Systems)

    Boxes, Packing Materials, and Cardboard Crate: These materials are charged as used. If the
    customer packs their boxes and are ready to move, there will be no additional expense. In the event an
    item, such as a glass or marble table top, glass doors, or plasma & Flat screen TVs requires a cardboard
    crate, the foreman will advise you of the cost and the crate will be made on the spot. You will only be
    charged for actual materials used. A AND B MOVING rules and regulations does not accept any goods in
    paper or plastic bags; all loose items, including televisions, electronics, lamps, pictures and mirrors must be
    boxed for safety and will not be carried loosely.

    Advanced Disassembly / Reassembly: Disassembly and reassembly of items such as credenzas,
    built-ins, and some wall units is completed by our furniture specialist. There is an extra charge for these
    services if a furniture specialist will be required. (please speak to your project manager should you need
    such services) A visual estimator from our company will be assign to survey the items prior to the move to
    determine the cost and work required. The survey service is free of charge without obligation or cost.

    Custom Wood Crates: Art, antiques, and some marble pieces may require (or you may request) a
    custom wood crate to be built. The crates must be designed and built prior to the move date; customers
    are recommended to notify their Project Manager in advance, preferably at the time of booking.

    Forms of Payment: A AND B MOVING accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover,
    Certified Check or Cash. All payment due upon arrival at destination. No personal checks, money order
    or official checks will be accepted.



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