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           AIR SHIPMENTS

    There are certain items, particularly artwork, marble and glass, which require standard crates or custom
    crates, in order to transport them safely. The following are types of crates that we at A AND B MOVING

    Cardboard Crate:
    For items such as glass doors, oversized televisions, most artwork, sculptures, and marble, a custom
    cardboard crate will be created on-site and on the day of the move, from cardboard sheets and boxes.
    The inside of the cardboard exterior will be padded with white paper and bubble wrap as needed. This is
    the most cost effective option.

    Wood Crate:
    Custom wood crates are the better choice for fragile, high valued antiques, exceptional artwork,
    sculptures, piano or items being shipped long distance. Custom wood crates are manufactured by our
    professional craftsman prior to the move date, and will be delivered by our truck on the day of the move.
    The packing process is preformed at the move site, prior to loading and shipping, assuring that the highest
    protective manner is employed.

    Please consult with your project manager to determine the best and most cost effective method to protect
    your precious breakables.



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