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           AIR SHIPMENTS

    The most frequent question our customers ask our professional consultants is “If I hire a good, reputable
    moving company like A AND B MOVING, why do I need insurance?”  The answer is, for the same reason
    excellent drivers still need to have car insurance – because regardless of how careful you are, the
    possibility of damages still exists.

    The following three options are available to you.  The first is A AND B MOVINGs complementary service, the
    second is for shipments valued up to $25,000, and the third is for those valued above $25,000. Please read
    through carefully and let your project manager know which option you choose, if any.

    Option 1 - $ 0.60 (sixty cents) Per Pound Per Article Valuation Coverage
    This type of insurance is provided by A AND B MOVING as a complementary service at no cost.  In the
    event of loss or damage, the total amount you will be entitled to recover is $0.60 per pound per article. 
    For example, if a desk that weighs ten (10) pound is damaged, the most you can recover is $6.00,
    regardless of the value of the desk.

    Option 2 - Additional Valuation Coverage
    In the event a customer wishes wishes to be paid depreciated value for lost or damaged items, the
    customer must declare a lump sum value for his entire shipment.  This type of insurance service is also
    provided by A AND B MOVING at an extra charge of $3.85 per $1,000, subject to $500 deductibles. The
    Valuation depends on the value of declaration.  For example, if the entire shipment is valued at $10,000,
    the premium would be $385.

    If customer's shipment is valued above $25,000 and/or contains artwork, items of high value and/or
    individually valued items at more than $2,5000, A AND B MOVING recommends Option 3.

    Option 3 - Full Replacement Value Coverage
    We recommend Baker International as the moving insurance company, which offers full replacement value
    directly to the customer. This coverage is a more comprehensive coverage than Valuation, and generally
    offers more options such as deductible levels and higher coverage. This coverage option is a more
    involved, and needs to be obtained Prior to the actual move date.  Please advise your moving manager on
    time of your booking. You will receive a separate application for full replacement value coverage. This
    coverage needs to be obtained Prior to the actual move date. If you have a homeowner or renters policy,
    your household goods may be covered while being moved, however, please check with your home
    insurance agent or carrier.

    “Building Certificate of Insurance”
    A AND B MOVING maintains in excess of One Million dollars worth of General Liability insurance, as well as
    required Disability and Worker's Compensation insurance coverage.  Evidence of Workers Compensation
    and Disability coverage is available should the building require it.  Most residential buildings with an elevator
    will require Insurance Certificates prior to any work (not only move) performed on the premises.  The
    amount of insurance a company carries is a very important factor when choosing a mover.  Most building
    managements require insurance in the amount that A AND B MOVING is already covered for allowing us
    access to every residential building. We maintain a substantial amount of insurance for our client's peace of
    mind. And don’t worry; there is no charge to you for the “Certificate of Insurance”.



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