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           AIR SHIPMENTS

    A AND B provides exceptional Car transport services anywhere in the United States and Overseas.

    We transport valuable collectors’ classics, sports cars, SUV’s, family minivans, large motorcycles and
    everything in between, in any size and condition.  All A AND B MOVING carriers are licensed and insured.
    The vehicles are transported only by certified flatbed trailers that are driven by cautious, certified drivers.

    A AND B MOVING never ships cars with household goods inside since it will expose the Car to greater
    chances of damage during its journey.  Similarly, A AND B MOVING will never tow your car behind one of
    our trailers, which would expose it to a barrage of dust and debris. Your car will receive the highest quality
    service available in the vehicles transportation industry.

    Two main types of Car transportation are used by A AND B MOVING:
    1. Door to Door service – This service type is when your vehicle is picked up from your home and
      delivered to your new driveway, in the same perfect condition you left it in. This type is the most
      comprehensive and convenient Car transportation service.

    2. Terminal to Terminal service – This service type is when you deposit your Car at a terminal near
      your home and pick it up at another terminal near your delivery location. This service is usually
      more economical, and may be more convenient if you need your car stored for a limited time in
      the delivery terminal.

    Since not all Cars can be shipped the same way, A AND B MOVING offers a variety of options for every
    vehicle and schedule. Convertible vehicles must be shipped with a top-load only service, which guarantees
    it special handling that will protect the fabric roof. Expensive, fragile or classic vehicles will be shipped in a
    special enclosed carrier, to protect their suspension systems while keeping them protected from sun, wind,
    and road debris.

    Timing is also a very important factor when arranging professional Car transportation.  Scheduling can be
    a challenging, complex and sometimes overwhelming undertaking.  There are school and office hours to
    consider, for example. It is highly important to use an Auto mover that coordinates the move so that it
    most suits your needs, creating a smooth transition.

    A AND B MOVING exists to bring a new level of professionalism, accountability, reliability and service to
    people like you.


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